Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Itchy dog not fleas?

my dog is always scratching, it is'nt fleas, have not changed his diet in 13 years and always use same shampoo, vet gave him a cortosone injection yesterday, has stopped him from scratching but for how long? did find a product calles skin-eze on line but it is the u.s.a. is there anything like that in oz, it is organic, no steroids.

Itchy dog not fleas?
Have you moved recently? Because it sounds like allergies to me, and not necessarily to his food or shampoo. Our hound mix is allergic to airborne pollens, and grass as well. It seems a little odd for your boy to develop allergies if he didn't have them before, but it could happen. Ask your vet's office? I'm surprised your vet didn't give you a diagnosis with the shot.

We give our boy Benadryl year round to help control the itchiness. Make sure you buy pure Benadryl without any painkillers or decongestants, and give 25mg per 25lbs of body weight. We stuff the pill into a bit of hotdog, or wrap it in cheese, or even feed it to our dog stuck in a spoonful of peanut butter.

Even like that, during bad years for allergens (and it happens, since we're in Central Texas) we still take the poor guy to the vet for cortizone shots once a year or so. They make him feel soooo much better. There's a spray-on medication the vet gives us to put on the raw skin to help dry it out and keep it from getting infected.

Good luck! I hope this helps. I know how hard it is to watch your poor dog going crazy scratching and not being able to make him feel better.
Reply:You might try giving him small amounts of Benadryl, may help with the itching.
Reply:Just because his diet hasn't changed in 13 years doesn't mean he hasn't recently developed an allergy to something in it.

He could also be allergic to grass, pollen, household cleaners, basically anything a human can be allergic too.

You need to find the source of the itching, be it allergy, skin infection whatever, rather than just putting "bandaids" on it.

How often do you bath him? Overbathing can also cause dry itchy skin, and even lead to MORE dog odor as well.
Reply:my yorkie is off for a skin biopsy today coz he is scratching,skin scrape showed NO fleas mites etc ,given shampoo but that had to b stopped as made him worse, so get him to the vets and insist on further investigations xx
Reply:my mum's rottie had this problem and it was an alergy to mites. she found if she washed him in wool wash (like you use on your clothes) it stopped it for a few weeks. also her vet told her not to over wash him as they need some natural oil in thier skin especially in a short haired breed. Also garlic in his food was another recomendation
Reply:My dog acts up and we think it's dry skin so we give him a bath once a month and keep his hair trimmed and he loves it.

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